Q: How long will my delivery take to arrive? 

A: 3-5 working days (this does not include Sundays) at peak times, we may add extended turnaround times to our home page. Please check this before ordering. 

Q: I can see what looks like clear plastic packaging on some of your items, I thought you were single use plastic free?

A: Well spotted! The clear wrap is actually bio-film made from annually renewable corn / vegetable starch. It is fully biodegradable and compostable, and will break down to CO2 and water. It is accredited to BS EN 13432 and 'OK Compost'. It is also approved for anaerobic digestion (ISO 15985) & marine biodegration ASTM D6691-09. This wrap has been tested to ensure no adverse effects on plant growth.

Q: Do you accept returns?

A: Due to the nature of our products, Sunflower Gifts are usually unable to accept returns. If you have any issues with your products, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Q: I want to reuse your glass jars. How can I remove the scent?

A: Bicarbonate of soda-  is there nothing bicarb cannot do?!

Q: Why do you use rapeseed oil wax?

A: There are many reasons, please see the page dedicated to the reasons why.

Q: As rapeseed oil comes from a flower, is it an allergic?

A: Rapeseed oil has not been identified as a common allergen (Ironically soybeans are listed in the top 14 most common allergens!)

When rapeseed oil is pressed or refined, it no longer causes allergic reactions, as it does not contain pollen.

The material safety data sheet (MSDS) shows that there are no hazardous cautions that require labelling under preparation guidance 67/548/EWG and 1999/45/EG (apart from risk of skin burn from hot wax melt- obviously)

Even if the wax is ingested, the MSDS shows simply rinse mouth thoroughly with water. 

A UK charity (Anaphylaxis Campaign) which operates for people at risk from severe allergic reactions, has not reported any allergic reactions shown to be triggered by refined vegetable oils including rapeseed oil. When rapeseed oil goes through the refining process, it typically removes the proteins which are the components of the product that causes allergic reactions. 

Please remember this information is based on ingesting rapeseed oil- it is even less of an allergen risk as a wax melt!

Q: Are you a supplier to businesses wanting to stock your products in shops?

A: Yes! For 2020 this is something I'm very excited about. I currently have amazing stockists, and I'm excited to work with more. Please email me at sunflowergifts85@outlook.com for a supplier price list. 

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