So 'Eco-Friendly' seem to be the 'buzz words' right now. So what can we do to have a positive impact?

I did some research and realised that changing things ever so slightly at home to start with could make a difference very quickly. I started with looking at what I could buy that was 'plastic free' or at least reduce my single use plastic consumption. This is much more difficult than it sounds!

I find a sense of achievement these days when i reuse and re-purpose rather than using something once. There are lots of zero-waste shops popping up locally which is great to see. You can take empty bottles to these shops and refill things such as shampoo, washing up liquid and cleaning products. I use these shops myself and again, find a great sense of achievement in this. 

With my mix of wanting to save the planet (self confessed Eco- Warrior) and share my products with you, Sunflower Gifts was born in February 2019.

My main source of packaging for my products is a glass jar. I love how versatile glass jars can be! If you want to reuse your jar for something other than what arrived in it, simply use bicarbonate of soda to remove the scent.

For some of my products, they still require sealed freshness but cannot fit in a jar (for example, the bathbomb!) These products are wrapped in a bio-film made from annually renewable corn / vegetable starch. This gives it a greener alternative to polypropylene, PVC etc which are fossil fuel derived and non renewable. The wrap is fully biodegradable and compostable, and will break down into CO2 and water. It is accredited to BS EN 13432 and 'OK Compost'. It is also approvd for Anaerobic digestion (ISO 15985) & Marine biodegration ASTM D6691-09. This wrap has also been tested to ensure no adverse effects on plant growth. 

I also use many brown craft boxes which are mainly made from recycled material and are widely recyclable across the UK.  

Please see the page dedicated to explaining to you why I use Rapeseed Oil for my wax melts. 

I'm always trying to source more eco-friendly, sustainable products and will continue to do so. Its important to me, and if you've read all of this down to this point i'm guessing its important to you too!


For 2020 there will be some new and exciting products, as well as branding. Keep an eye out! 

If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions I would love to hear them!

Email me at

Love, Emma

An Eco Warrior, Eco Worrying

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