As well as my eco- friendly journey, I’ve also tried to attain a zero waste mentality.
If I can reuse, repurpose, or recycle- I do.
Or “make do and mend” as some generations would say!

With soaps I know there’s always that tiny bit of soap left that you can’t really do a lot with!

That’s where my Sunflower Soap Savers come in handy

These linen pouches can be used in the bath or shower. Simply add your soap ends to the pouch, add water and see the soap lather up inside.

Once you’ve finished with it, simply hang in the bathroom to dry until next time.

You’ll get some unique scents from this too if you use a variety of scents like I do!

Introductory price just £1.99 each until 1st July (RRP £2.25)

Just think of all the soap you’ll save by using this!
You’ll get your £1.99 back in no time! AND I’m happy to accept the fact that it will take longer for you to reorder your soaps from me, if it means a little less waste for our planet then I’ve achieved something 🌍

Sunflower Soap Saver


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