I don't believe in waste. As much as wax melts should be pleasing to the eye, predominantly they are created for our sense of smell. Wax can be fickle to work with and lots of elements decide whether they are a success or not! Ask most people that have tried to work with Rapeseed Wax and they will tell you how quickly they gave up and moved on to another wax. However after extensive research I found that it is one of the most eco friendly waxes to work with at the moment so I don't give up on it! It is just unfortunate that sometimes they just don't turn out as planned. 


Here in the WAXIDENT section you will find reduced wax products at a fraction of the RRP price. They don't look pretty but they still smell amazing. And a healthy reminder to never judge a book by its cover...

Love & Sunflowers, Emma x

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