Why Rapeseed Wax?

It has taken me countless months of research time to make this decision. I have chosen to create wax melts from rapeseed wax and here are a few reasons why.

Firstly, it is produced only in the UK or Europe, which reduces my carbon footprint!

Did you know that it is illegal to grow GMO crops in Europe? Peace of mind for me.

It is completely sustainable, has no intensive farming or GMO preservation like its close alternative such as soy wax.

I did look into using soya, with it being vegan friendly. However did you know that it is linked hugely to deforestation? It is also estimated that 90% of all plants grown for soya come form genetically modified stock (GMO). Soy wax producers will quickly tell you that the end result contains no GMO, but that doesn't change where it originates from! Soya also has a bigger carbon footprint that rapeseed. 

Rapeseed wax is produced from a beautiful yellow crop that already serves to feed animals. It is completely non-hazardous to both human & animals. It creates no toxins.

When the oil is pressed from rapeseed crop, whatever is left over is used for animal feed or ploughed back into the ground as an excellent fertiliser so there is very little waste. Win!

Rapeseed wax is natural, renewable, sustainable and biodegradable. It burns slower and cooler than alternative waxes and has a very high scent retention. 

Rapeseed wax produces no carbon when burning so is in effect carbon neutral!

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